Summer Body Workshop

The weather is changing and summer is going to be here before you know it!   Summer bodies are earned in the winter, so join me in my Summer Body Workshop and get a jumpstart now, before we have to pull out our swim suits and it’s too late! This workshop is... read more

Preparing for Your First Spartan Race!

Hello NorCalers! NorCalSpartan here (aka Mateo Café, aka Get Your Fitness On, aka Massive Glutes, the list goes on…. you get the picture). This article is about getting ready to do your first ever Spartan Race. Don’t know what a Spartan Race is? Watch this badass... read more

The Bench Press: A Stable Foundation

 The Bench Press Creating a Stable Foundation   The infamous bench press. Often seen as the pinnacle bro lift of the ages. Only falling second to the bicep curl, performed with a hearty grunt of intensity. The bench press is commonly used to improve pressing. Of... read more

2017 NorCal Body Composition Challenge

2017 NorCal Body Composition Challenge- January 7th- Valentine’s Day Saturday, January 7th  Pay and weigh Challenge details and nutrition forum 11:30-12:00 Saturday, February 11th Weigh and win! 11-12:30 Email [email protected] to enter the challenge and reserve a... read more

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