Run Your Buns Off

Run Your Buns Off

The weather is cooling down a bit here in Chico (or supposed to be at least) and to me that means it’s perfect time to get some outdoor activity in here in Chico without having to sweat your patooty off!  Is that a word?  It is now!


Anyway…this fall/early winter, Chico has 3 big races coming up that I strongly encourage you to sign up for at least one of… you can go big with a 1/2 marathon (eek!) or you can stick to a 5K run/walk.  You can do it by yourself, you can do it with family/friends or pick a Norcal groupie to join you.  This will motivate you to get in a bit more conditioning in, it will get you out of the gym for some exercising (always a good thing), or maybe motivate you to come to the gym more often if you haven’t been as regular as you’d like.


Here are the races…

November 3rd – Almond Bowl


The 39th Annual Almond Bowl takes place on Sunday November 3rd, and features a 5K, Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay, and Full MarathonCome and be part of the running history of Chico!

This race is so fun!  It was one of the first races I did in Chico and every year I’ve done it, it just gets bigger and better.  If you’re looking for competition, it’s here.  If you’re looking to push yourself in a race, you can.  If you’re looking for a beautiful stroll in the park enjoying the fall colors, this is a great race for you.


November 28th – Run for Food


Join Fleet Feet for the 8th Annual Run for Food!  This 5K run/walk will begin and end at the One Mile Recreation Area of Bidwell Park on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, starting at 9am.  They are expecting 5,000 participants this year, all walking and running for a great cause.

I’ve done this race and it’s crazy fun!  Don’t expect to PR your 5K time… but do expect to have a lot of fun weaving in and out of people of all ages and earn that turkey dinner.


December 15 – Jack Frost 10K


The fifth annual Jack Frost 10K takes place on Sunday, December 15th, at Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park. This race benefits two wonderful local non-profit organizations – Catalyst and Wings of Eagles.  The entry fee is low but they ask all participants to bring in a toy for these organizations during packet pickup.

I’ve also done this race and it’s a way to get the blood pumpin’ on a cold day… start with your sleeves and gloves on but be sweatin’ your booty off come the end.  It’s invigorating!

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