It’s hard to believe but 2014 is just around the corner!!!  For many that means New Year’s Resolutions, revamping parts of your life and trying to be a better you for the new year.

What does that means for Norcal… that means we want to do everything we can to help you reach your goals.  With that said, your thoughts matter.  We want to know what YOU want to work on in the gym.  Comment to this blog and give us specifics and we will do our best to touch on most things.  With that said, we have hundreds of people that come in and out of our doors and to hit everything each of you wants consistently is going to be an impossible task, but we will take into consideration all comments and definitely include what the majority want.

In the last several months we have see tremendous gains in strength with and improvement in specific skills and want to continue to see this type of progress through 2014.

So…. now’s your turn to comment away on what you’d like to see incorporated into our 2014 programming.

Here’s a lil “funny” to help motivate you…hopefully you can be more creative with your goals than this…