How were you introduced to NorCal Strength and Conditioning?

John Fragoso…and I learned about John via Fleet Feet (Thanks John! )

Favorite WOD/lift:

Not sure how to answer this.  I am just gonna say what I like:

Rope climb, lunges, overhead lifts, rowing, push ups, & most anything involving the rings and gymnastics.

I have always wanted to…..

Go to Egypt!  Have horses again on my own land, sky dive, learn Italian – really, live and study Italian for a bit in Italy.  Have my own rockin’ food garden (veggies, herbs, fruit trees etc.), be lean, strong and fit.


One word people use to describe me:

Hmmmm- it’s been a while since I heard this but something like – strong (in character) I think I’ve heard that one the most.

Outside of the gym I like to:

Dance!!!!!!  Meditate, communicate w/ friends & family (phone, email, FB etc.) hike, love my dog, watch movies, and eat!  I also love listening to live music of any kind, drink coffee, work at my job, and travel anywhere especially internationally!


Three things you would ALWAYS find in my fridge:

Veggies, eggs, oil

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:

I’ve seen Elvis, I speak German and taught German-high school and college, I live on 16 acres in the woods. I can get REALLY drunk.  Most of my friends have at some point seen this side of me grin.  I traveled to the Nevada Desert with no plan or destination just headed that direction and fasted for 10 days on my own camping out near an Indian reservation.  I built a sweat lodge and sat in a cave for two days watching the sun go by and the moon go by. I traveled to the middle East by myself (Amman, Jordan) the year after 9/11 to meditate … and more …but some things I don’t want everyone to know grin

Favorite physical activity outside of NorCal Strength and Conditioning:

Dancing – I do it full on!  Hiking with my doggie, skiing, oh DUH!  SEX!

Favorite places to eat in Chico:

Raw Bar, Cafe Coda, Sin of Cortez, Grilla Bites

The song that gets me pumped to work out:

GONE by Montgomery Gentry (a lot of rocking songs by MG)

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy – Big & Rich

She’s Country – Jason Aldean

Proudest accomplishment so far (in the gym)?

Rope Climb


6 month goals:

5 legit pull ups, good & confident running speed, to lean out, a 10 sec. REALLY good L-Sit – feet up high above the bars.

If you could invite ANYBODY (currently alive or not) over for dinner, who would you invite? Why?

Well, Jesus would be cool – I’m not a Christian or even religious but he was a super cool dude! Absolutely. He’d be easy to host – so loving and accepting and I know I’d feel awesome in his presence. Just his being here would be a blessing and healing.

Favorite work out attire:

What I wear – uhhh sweat pants that have a nice cut, tighter T-shirt that forms to my body preferably with a little cleavage, and a sports bra. Workout clothes that are not over the top (bright colors-look at me etc.) but are feminine.