Who’s Who: Amy Frye

Who’s Who: Amy Frye


When I first met Amy Frye she had just started doing personal training with Sarah.  Although Amy has always been active playing sports, she didn’t have much gym experience before NorCal.  She did do some personal training at another gym before NorCal, but didn’t quite fall in love with it.  In fact, she shared a little story about how her trainer at the gym gave her the nickname of “noodles”…talk about some motivating words right???   Fast forward two years of training at NorCal and Amy has transformed the person formerly known as “noodles” into an ass kicking machine.  Actually it’s hard to believe she’s the same person.

Sarah and I have both had the opportunity to train Amy, although I do the majority her PT these days.  Having two jobs and being a full time student doesn’t give her the most flexible schedule.  Actually it was the busy schedule that got Amy into her first Intermediat/Advanced class, which Amy was umm, well not exactly excited about.  More on that in a minute.  Sarah reminded of something Amy said when she was first training her.  Sarah was teaching Amy how to back squat with the empty barbell, and Amy looked at her and said “this hurts so much”.  She was referring to the pain of the bar resting on her traps.  Now anyone who has ever started back squatting knows that when you first start using the barbell it hurts.  The thought of her saying that makes me laugh now, especially when I see her bust out 3 reps of back squat with 135 lbs without batting an eye.  This change is a perfect example of her progress, and consistently reminds me of all of the changes she’s made.  Amy hated the jump rope, now she can do double-unders.  She was initially not too excited for people so see her workout (Amy did I understate that enough???.)  Now she just competed in her 2nd team challenge at the gym, and is a regular in the Intermediate and Advanced class.

Sometimes the changes you make over a long term basis make it hard to really reflect and see how far you’ve come.  It’s so cool to see the progress, and exciting to be part of it.  Check out the questions below to learn a little more about Amy!

Amy Farmers Carry

1. I was introduced to NorCal Strength and Conditioning by my parents! I was a senior in high school and they had been going for a while and I wanted to get back into shape.

2. My first impression was that everyone was so welcoming and made me feel like I had belonged.

3. A word people would use to describe me is “precious”

4. Outside of the gym I like to spend time with friends and hang out with my Young Life girls.

5. Three things you will always find in my fridge are eggs, carrots, and bananas.

6. Something that surprises people is that I don’t know how to burp and I’m okay with it.. It’s more ladylike that way.

7. My favorite physical activity outside of the gym is playing pick up soccer with some friends.

8. Favorite place to eat is a tie between The Banshee for their burgers and Sin of Cortez for their pancakes.

9. Songs that gets me pumped for a workout are Energy by Drake and Stronger by Kanye West.

10. My proudest accomplishment is being an influence and impacting the lives of my Young Life girls

11. My favorite workout attire would have to be spandex leggings and a loose tank top

12. Lately my favorite movements in the gym have been deadlifts and cleans, this being because it amazes me how much weight I am able to lift off the ground with such simple movements.

13. If I could invite anyone to dinner I would invite my friend Payton who passed away about a year or so ago. This being because he impacted the lives of so many of us who were close to him!

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