Who is Level 2?

We have some athletes that can never seem to get enough, if that is the case for you, then listen up!  We will be holding a Level 2 testing date on April 17th, that gives you four weeks to work on your technical lifts (overhead squat, snatch, clean, etc.) and of course 30 second true L-Sit!  If you have been avoiding the O-lifting class you just might want to put that on top of your priority list. We will also be holding Level 1 testing April 17th.  We’ll have a place in the gym for sign ups, so be sure to get your name on the list.  The testing times will be on the board at the gym and we will also be doing another blog post the week before as a reminder.  I don’t really want to call folks out on the testing (Wade who has a 51sec Legit L-Sit) so I wont.  Check out these photos of John Fragoso, one of our top Level 2 athletes.




  1. You learn to levitate in level 2?! Epic… now to work on the bane of my existence – L-Sit.  Shawn what other stuff is on the test?

  2. DAMN! 51 seconds is probably considered levitation. LOL.  I imagine glistening comes with the package? ^_^

  3. Seriously John, do you have to oil up before EVERY work out? ; )

  4. Hope to see some of you working towards this class.  Travis- Honestly I will post more as it gets closer but the big thing is technical movements(O-Lifts), muscle up, and of course your fav the L-Sit!  Good luck to all!

  5. Sarah, John’s getting ready for that trip to the Tropics. It will great to see you back at the gym!

  6. Sarah that was freakin funny.  I almost just peed my pants.  We still love you Fragoso! :o)

  7. He has nice shoes.