I am sure many of you with kids, nieces, nephews, rent a kids etc braved the weather and went out last night trick or treating. Now what? The fun traditions of carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, and trick or treating have left you with good memories (hopefully) and a tempting pile of candy laying around your house. I wanted to share with you what we have done the past few years as well as another cool option that I heard about. The past few years we have taken Kayden trick or treating early on in the evening and then handed out the candy that he collected along with some festive pencils and erasers to the tricker treaters that came to our door. It was fun for him to distribute the candy and honestly he did not even know what he was missing. I know..what a mean mom right? Don’t worry I am sure he will have his fill in the years to come.

This year we had very few trick or treaters with the rain and all so we were left with a little pile of “treats”. Kayden did have a few small pieces (yes of course they were gluten free) and we put what was left away. 🙂 I learned about Halloween Candy buy back last year (after the fact) from someone in the gym. The candy buy back is where local dentists “buy back”/”trade” something for the Halloween candy. The candy is then sent to the troops via Operation Gratitude and Holiday Care Packages. To learn more about this program click here and to find a dentist near you that participates in this click here.