Two Firefighters and Four Chicks…

Our May PM On Ramp ended last Thursday with yet another individual making our board! Jennifer M. turned a 5:02 in the Day 12 WOD.  This is the third fastest time for females.  I would also like to point out along with Jennifer M., Colin S., Darren S. and Natalie S. all made the board for the Day 1 WOD as well.  In fact, Colin S. had the fastest Day 1 time ever!  He, and this entire crew will be a great addition to our gym!

Our 2 firefighters were unable to make the Day 12 workout, but our four ladies did very well!  Ashley W. and Michele L. both shaved over a minute of their day 1 times, nice work ladies! 

It is safe to say we ALL had a great time in this class.  On behalf on Natalie and myself: Great work and we look forward to seeing you in group classes!

Check out the pictures below




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Written by Shawn

Shawn Gower is the Operations Manager at NorCal Strength and Conditioning. Shawn draws upon his experience as a State level wrestler and lifelong athlete when constructing programming, be it for his popular group fitness classes or personal training. Shawn works with a wide variety of clients, however his passion is the training of competitive athletes, especially from combative disciplines such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and boxing. If you are looking for fast paced training and exacting attention to detail you will love your experience working with Shawn.

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