Thursday Trivia!

The person who can correctly name the most people in this picture will win a free t-shirt! Please post your guesses in the comments section. The time cap for this post is 7pm….so start guessing now! :)



  1. After 6 months…I’m still learning people’s names! I can only recognize Amy, Jenny and Jamie.

  2. Rene, Tom, Jamie,Amy, Anne, Jenny,Patrick? I know I have at least 4 of those right! Lol I almost never do lift, so its tough to remember people who don’t do class with me. Lol

  3. Lynn, Dan, Dan, Heath, Jamie, Jamie, Jenny , Amy, Patrick, Tom, Rene, Dara?

  4. Alright Heath!! You win a free NorCal T-shirt! Congratulations!

  5. awww man. one day…… hahaha