The sun is finally bringing us summer!!

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The sun is finally bringing us summer!!

If you know me, you know I LOVE the sun, so I’m glad this article could back up my sun bathing 🙂 This Article is from Charles Poliquin’s blog and it lists and explains 25 reasons why you should be taking Vitamin D, or at least be getting responsible sun exposure, meaning you want to avoid a sun burn at all times.  To avoid over exposure, go outside until you see your skin start to redden, then be done with the sun, or grab some layers to cover up.

A sum up of Poliquin’s blog and the importance of vitamin D is in his opening sentence; “If you want to be healthier, live longer, get stronger, and keep your brain performing optimally, having adequate levels of vitamin D is the answer.” I can’t deny that I want all of the above, so spending some time in the sun sounds like a good trade off for my health:)

If you’re wondering about where sunscreen comes into play on all of this, here  is a good link for you to check out. Basically, Dr. Cannell states:

“If you are comfortable drinking sunscreens, then you should feel comfortable putting them on your skin.” Bold, but read the article to find out why she backs up this claim.

Happy Tanning:)

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  1. Becka April 23, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Hey good call! So, I need a tan by Saturday. Where would you recommend??

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