The Latest NorCal Video…..ish

Where to start?  These three ladies took time out of their busy schedules to contribute to the NorCal video library.  One word.  Wow!  From cutting edge editing to their “stellar” movements these “No Reppers” may have a future ahead of them.  Things like last place ribbons, DNF’s, injuries, are just a few I can see in their immediate future.

In all seriousness thank you Katie, Roz and Jaime for taking the time to make this video…it is Awesome and it made my day! :-)


  1. After having my first child I attempted several kind of fat burning diets with low outcomes, however, with working out I have slimmed down faster.

  2. Ha-Ha! Thanks for the laughs – awesome video! :)

  3. “LIKE” :-)

  4. This video, couple with Justin’s plank push-up Wednesday, caused me to have a bizarre dream last night. Jenny was trying to coach through “Pac-Man” Push-ups, which are plank push-ups via a hand-stand…

  5. Super AWESOME video guys great work !!!!!!