We have GREAT news for all.  We will have the latest and he greatest Gluten free Paleo food truck at the NorCal Fall Challenge!  You all may know the owners/operators they are two of NorCal’s favorite clients, Jenna Hunter (The Hunter) and Analise Farmer (The Farmer).  Funny enough you couldn’t make this up if you tried.  Anyhow, they will be serving a variety of “Paleo” friendly meals as well as sides.  They only use fresh locally grown veggies and grass-fed meats from Turri Family Farms.  On top of offering great meals on the day of the event the will also be selling Turri Grass-fed meats by the pound.  Please help support these two as they start this new venture towards providing healthy, great, fresh food for us all.  Below you will find a little more info on these two amazing you ladies and their long term goals to provide food we were made to eat!


The Hunter & The Farmer “Gluten Free and Paleo Friendly Food “

Our Mission

To be the premier mobile kitchen providing Paleo enthusiasts readily available food which is seasonal, high in omega-3 rich proteins and completely free of grains, legumes, dairy, sugar & processed oils.


The Hunter – Jenna

Growing up, I have always had a passion for cooking and for athletics. After playing collegiate soccer I immediately got into coaching. Coaching was full of challenges in itself but I realized it was not the same as playing. The best I could do as a coach was instruct and influence players to achieve tasks, but I still wanted to do more. I wanted to physically contribute. So what did I do? I joined NorCal Strength & Conditioning and I adopted the Paleo lifestyle and suddenly I became an athlete again. I became more comfortable with my body image, I had less mood swings and more energy. I had an easy time of creating Paleo meals at home, my creativity had been engaged and I liked the simplicity of ingredients and the complexity of composed dishes that I could create with Paleo friendly food. The biggest challenge I faced during my transition into the Paleo lifestyle was during travel and long work days. I quickly realized that to be strict Paleo, I had to plan well ahead in packing food or I had to be ok with customizing my order at restaurants and accepting that it might not be completely Paleo friendly food due to processed oils, nitrates and potential traces of gluten. This made my next decision an easy one, I am going to start my own food truck to cater to my Paleo family and encourage others to adopt this healthy lifestyle.


The Farmer – Analise

My passion has always been soccer. Playing, watching and coaching. It was all I ever wanted to do, all I ever craved. Then one day I stumbled upon something that changed my life. I joined NorCal Strength and Conditioning and became addicted to working out again, challenging myself, setting goals and hitting them! I realized that the biggest part of my success in achieving my goals was the decision I made to go Paleo. Yes the workouts played a part but nutrition was key. I was reluctant at first, I fought Jenna (The Hunter) on it for about a month or two until finally through education and being more open minded I bought in and have been strict Paleo since. I compare my time as an athlete in college and how my body was never at the level it is now because of my diet. I trained hard, ran, lifted on a regimented schedule but now I see that with every step forward in fitness, I took two steps back because of what I chose to fuel my body. I guess you could say my passion is now living a Paleo lifestyle and I want to share that passion with others by providing them with a Paleo food service.

*All sales will be Cash Only* 



“Paleo Slow Cooking” Chili With A Kick 

Ground beef & steak, spicy tomato base, topped with avocado over cauliflower rice

“The Hunter” Tri Tip Salad 

Lime cilantro seasoned tri tip served on a bed of spinach/arugula with seasonal veg

“The Farmer” Pastrami Stacker  

A bell pepper stacked with meat and seasonal veg


All Beef Hotdog

Sweet Potato



Coconut Water