The end is near! Last week of Recipes!

You’ve made it through nearly 9 weeks of ‘holiday cheer’!  We’re closing in on picture day, so make a commitment to yourself to be on your best behavior for the next 10 days.  What’s 10 more days of perfect eating?!

Hopefully you’re to the point now that you are beyond viewing this as just a ‘challenge’ and more a lifestyle! Your choices have become habits. Making the right decision comes naturally rather then after lots of internal debate.  You can’t remember the last time you had _______________  (fill in your own vise here!).

AND MOST OF ALL, you should feel great.  Not just, “I got a good night sleep” great, or even “I’ve just returned from a 7 day vacation on the beach” great.  I mean GREAT:  physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.  Ready to face 2012 with a whole new outlook on health and wellness.

That is my hope for you!

This will be the last blog of weekly recipes.  I know I’ve found some favorites that are on my ‘go-to’ list, did you?

This weeks recipes (they all seem to have an ethnic hint to them!  Enjoy.):

Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein

Pork Fried Rice

Paleo Aloo Gobi

Sweet Potato Latkes

Bacon Turnip Mash


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Written by Natalie

Natalie Taylor has been participating in sports and fitness activities for over 25 years. She was both a competitive gymnast and swimmer and these activities led into coaching jobs as she earned her degree in physical education. Natalie is a graduate of the Chico State teaching credential program and has been teaching physical education or coaching for nearly 20 years. She has coached both High School and Junior High Volleyball, and the Cross Country and Track and Field intramural program at the local junior high school. Her interest in running and triathlons as well as her background in gymnastics create a superior combination for clients wanting a balanced workout of endurance and strength or clients interested in supplementing their endurance activities with much needed power/speed training and oft neglected flexibility. Finding time for fitness isn’t always easy—however, in just one hour with Natalie you will work multi-joint strength development, speed, stamina and flexibility. What keeps clients coming back? Every session is unique, so boredom never stands a chance! Natalie holds her NSCA CPT, as well as a variety of Cross Fit certifications. Natalie will help to make fitness a functional and successful part of your life.

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  1. The Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein is so good!!!!! Everyone in my house loves it and it’s so super quick and easy to make!!!!

    Gonna miss you Natalie! Good luck to you in your new place in life! It’s gonna be wonderful!!!

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