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First let me start this post by saying, THANK YOU to each and every member of Norcal Strength and Conditioning for your support/encouragement/belief in me thus far in my CrossFit Games endeavors.  The genuine questions about how my training is going and how my body is holding up are so appreciated.  The high-fives, “knucks” and hugs have kept me training hard since September.  I really feel so loved and supported from our Norcal family.  With your help I have accomplished my first goal for the 2012 season by taking 1st at the Norcal Regional competition.  The next step…The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games!!!

On July 13, 14, 15 I will be going against the best of the best in CrossFit at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.  Starting with more than 65,000 people in The Open in February, the women’s division has been narrowed down to 42 athletes.  We will fight it out through 10 workouts in 3 days to determine who will claim the title as “The Fittest on Earth”.

If you are interested in helping to support my trip to The Games in just 5 short weeks, below are a few ways you can pitch in to the “Jenny Fund” and also represent Team LaBaw.

Pure Pharma Bracelets:

Pure Pharma is a fish oil and Vitamin D company that is sponsoring me with great product.  They are also helping their sponsored athletes through sales of bracelets with the athletes name on it.  Bracelets are $10 a piece, from which total profit of $7 goes to me.  Click here and scroll down toward the bottom of the athletes drop down menu and you’ll find my name if you’re interested in purchasing a bracelet.


I will be ordering more t-shirts and tank tops in the next couple of weeks.  They will be $20/shirt ($15 cost and $5 will go toward my trip).  If you are interested in a shirt, please let me know by Sunday June, 17th.  You can notify me by either commenting on this blog or emailing me directly at  Your options are S, M, L, XL of T-shirts (Uni-sex) or Tank Tops (Women).  Sizing should be similar to the shirts we have at the gym, they are all American Apparel brand.  T-shirts will be in Green or Grey and Tank Tops will be in Green or Purple.











*I am only ordering what is asked for this time, so please get your order request in by the 17th*


Several people have already ordered bracelets and shirts and for that I thank you so much.  I will keep working my booty off in the gym for the next 5 weeks and do my best to make you all proud at the Home Depot Center in July!



Written by Jenny

Jenny LaBaw has been an athlete her entire life. As a 3-sport collegiate athlete, she competed in soccer, indoor and outdoor track and field. Post college she found her need for competition fulfilled through endurance running races anywhere from 5K’s to marathons. Her competitive drive led her to CrossFit in 2010 where she started training to compete at the elite level. In 2011, her first year competing in CrossFit, Jenny placed 2nd at the Northern California Regionals earning herself a spot to The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games where she gained the title as the 6th Fittest Woman on Earth. In 2012 she improved her regional standings, taking 1st in Northern California and once again a spot to The Reebok CrossFit Games. Injury took her out of the 2013 season, but is working hard at returning to the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2014. Although, she enjoys competing, Jenny's true love is being outdoors mountain biking, hiking, waterskiing, snow skiing, camping and more with her boyfriend, Marcus and two yellow labs, Ziggy and Pogo. With her love for sport and exercise, Jenny chose a career as a personal trainer so she could share her passion of health and fitness with others. Attending Cornell College, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness. Prior to Norcal, she has trained in gyms, private training studios, and coached soccer. Her 10+ years of coaching experience has allowed her to work directly with a wide variety of people from children trying to discover their coordination to adults wanting to shed a few pounds to professional athletes looking to be the best in the world. No matter what walk of life you are coming to her from, her mission is to make you realize your potential and help get you there. She will prove to you that you can be stronger, more fit, and healthier than you think you can be. With her inspiration, motivation and dedication, she will challenge your body, encourage your mind, and help you to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jenny will help you be your best!

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  1. Kayla bEntley

    Can I have a small purple tank!!! Thank you Jenny!! I am so excited for you!! Good luck!!

    • Jenny LaBaw
      Jenny LaBaw

      Got it! Will let you know when shirts are ordered and when they’ll be coming in! Thanks for your support!!

  2. Rebecca

    Everyone knows how generous Jenny is with helping us achieve our goals at NorCal – now we have an opportunity to help Jenny! Buy, buy, buy & support her so she can focus on an incredible goal! GO JENNY! (T-shirts Green S and Grey XL)

    • Jenny LaBaw
      Jenny LaBaw

      Thank you Rebecca! You and Tim have been so supportive of me since the first day you walked in this gym. For that I can’t thank you enough. Now that you are both big time Level 1er’s…bout time BTW (haha)…come take my 5:30 pm Wed!! As for shirts…Got it! Will let you know when shirts are ordered and when they’ll be coming in! Thanks for your support!!

  3. Julie Crossley

    He Jenny I would like a meduim blue unisex shirt. You go girl!!!! <3

    • Jenny LaBaw
      Jenny LaBaw

      Thank you girl…you mean the green right? We don’t have blue…i guess it’s more of a teal…that work? Will let you know when shirts are ordered and when they’ll be coming in! Thanks for your support!!

  4. Trish A.

    hi Jenny,
    I would like to order a Small Grey TShirt, Small Green Tank, Med Purple Tank… Thanks!! Looking forward to the GAMES…

    • Jenny LaBaw
      Jenny LaBaw

      Thank you Trish!! Got it! Will let you know when shirts are ordered and when they’ll be coming in! Thanks for your support!!

  5. Christina B.

    Consider the bracelet purchased. ANd can you put me down for a MED purple tank? :)

    • Jenny LaBaw
      Jenny LaBaw

      THANK YOU GIRL! You two have been rockstar supports since day one also. Can’t thank you enough. Got the shirt order request! Will let you know when shirts are ordered and when they’ll be coming in! Thanks for your support!!

  6. Susanna

    Medium purple tank, por favor!

    • Jenny

      Great Susanna…thank you so much! Will let you know more as they are ordered.

  7. Shawn Crossley

    Can I get a XL Grey Tshirt.


    • Jenny

      You’re on the list Shawn! Thanks so much for the support! I will get back to you when I know when the shirts will be ready!

  8. This was a great adventure, thank you for sharing it with us!

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