Support Jenny, Get Your Regional Shirts!

 The time has come for Jenny to go give it her all at the Reebok CrossFit NorCal Regionals  on May 18, 19, and 20th in San Jose, CA at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. Trying to qualify for 1 of the top 3 spots in the region, her goal is to make it back to the finals in Carson, CA in July.
 T-shirts (unisex sizes) and tank tops (women’s sizes) are being made for us to represent Jenny at regionals or at home on your couch rooting her on. The t-shirts color options are green or grey and the tanks will be purple or grey.  Jenny’s logo will be on the back and her famous jug carry pic (photo below) from The 2011 Games will be silhouetted on the front.
If you are interested in a shirt or shirts, please comment to this post with your shirt type/color/size (first come first serve).  They will be $25 a piece.
The support Jenny gets from all of you here at NorCal SC helps keep her going and she would love to have you all join her in San Jose. Also, our very own Kayla Baumgardner will be representing her home gym, CrossFit Avalanche, on their team and regionals.  Please come cheer these women on and send them good vibes going into this endeavor.

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Written by Shawn

Shawn Gower is the Operations Manager at NorCal Strength and Conditioning. Shawn draws upon his experience as a State level wrestler and lifelong athlete when constructing programming, be it for his popular group fitness classes or personal training. Shawn works with a wide variety of clients, however his passion is the training of competitive athletes, especially from combative disciplines such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and boxing. If you are looking for fast paced training and exacting attention to detail you will love your experience working with Shawn.

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  1. Michele L.

    one purple, medium tank please

    • Jenny LaBaw

      PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIRTS ARE ONLY $15…they will be in no later than Friday the 11th and I will have them in the office at the gym. There is a list (in order of who asked first) for the shirts…please come in and ask one of the coaches for your shirt…you must pay before receiving your shirt! Thanks for all of your support guys…means the world!

    • Natalie switzer

      Already got your order from before

  2. R.C. Smith

    I’ll take a medium grey T shirt please! Will they be present at the gym for purchase? Go team Labaw!!!

  3. Leslie Medina

    1 purple, medium tank por favor!

  4. Hannah Garrison

    Yay go Jenny! Please put me down for a medium purple tank!!

  5. Jeff Fitzer

    Count me in for a large grey t-shirt please!

  6. Gary Clark

    Large grey shirt please

  7. Daniel Louie

    Medium gray shirt

  8. Daniel Louie

    Go Kayla as well!

  9. Mona Dagy

    purple medium tanktop for me! go Jenny.

  10. Dara Karnofsky

    small purple tank please!

    • Natalie switzer

      Hi Dara
      I’m not 100% we will have an extra sm tank. If we don’t would you like a M tank?

  11. Jenny

    Thanks guys for all of the support…means a ton! Shirts should be done on Friday 5/11 and you can pick them up at the gym. I will have them in the office with an envelope for the $. If you’re paying by check please make it out to Natalie Switzer. When you get your shirt, make sure the coach that gets it for you marks your name off. AND YES…. GO KAYLA!!!!

  12. Ben "Mantis" Winter

    XL grey please

  13. Janelle

    Gooooooooo Jenny. Please count us in for a couple of shirts, small purple tank for janelle and xlarge green one for Bruce. Go get em!

    • Natalie switzer

      Hi Janelle
      Not sure if we have any extra sm tanks would a M be ok?

  14. Jessica Bourne

    Go ladies, go! grey tank, size S

  15. Natalie Switzer

    Hi guys! So I’m sorry to say that unfortunately this post went out after the tshirt order was made. So I can not promise anyone who did not order before this post a guarantee. Karina and I did however order extras in atticipation that more people would want shirts/tanks so my number is 530-410-5877 or you can find me on Facebook to see if we have the sizes you would like. Again i am really sorry but time was limited and we had to get the order if quickly to get them back for regionals.

  16. Jenny LaBaw
    Jenny LaBaw

    Hey guys…note that the shirts are only $15!!! I have a sheet in the gym office with your names on it (listed in order of request). Please bring cash or check made out to Natalie Switzer and give the money to a coach when picking up your shirt. The shirts were ordered before everyone was able to request their shirt, so there may not be one in your please wait until you pick up the shirts to pay.
    Thanks so much!

  17. I will take a large grey t-shirt. How about autographing the picture for an extra $5.00?

    • Jenny LaBaw
      Jenny LaBaw

      if you really want one…ha! it will be worth millions some day I’m sure. ;)

  18. Mark S.

    I’d like an X-large. Pls let me know if you have one via email, include a phone number and I’ll call you with a credit card or to make other payment arrangements. I’m out of town this week.

  19. Trisha A.

    Hey- are there more shirt left?



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