Summer Body Workshop

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Summer Body Workshop

The weather is changing and summer is going to be here before you know it!   Summer bodies are earned in the winter, so join me in my Summer Body Workshop and get a jumpstart now, before we have to pull out our swim suits and it’s too late! This workshop is going to start on Monday March13th and run 2 days a week, for 8 weeks. It will take place Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm. Monday will be focusing on upper body strength, Wednesday focusing on lower body strength, and of course lots of abs for both days!!! We will do weigh ins and measurements on the first day and weekly check-ins to keep each other accountable. I will create a facebook page for the group to help keep each other motivated, share healthy recipes and plan fun outdoor activities on the weekends in the park.  I’m excited for this workshop and it will be so helpful to have a group of people that are motivated and determined to reach their goals by summer. We’re in this together, lets go!! This is not a challenge and there will not be one winner… we will all be winners and the prize is going to be feeling comfortable and confident this summer, not feeling the need to cover up and hide our bodies. The price of this workshop is $200 and will be well worth it!


If you are interested, or have any questions email me: [email protected]

If you are ready to go, sign up here!



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