Stretching for Smarty-Pants

//Stretching for Smarty-Pants

Stretching for Smarty-Pants

DROM (pronounced “dee rawm”) is short for the schmantzy pants term “dynamic range of movement”. This is in stark contrast to static stretching such as that seen in a yoga class or the good old knee-wrecker, the Hurdler’s Stretch. So, why do we do DROM instead of traditional static stretching before training? Well, the old static stretch before exercise decreases the ability of those muscles stretched to generate strength and power PLUS static stretching appears to increase rates of injury. Strength coaches worth their salt have known this for some 20 years, but it takes significantly longer for the exercise scientists to “prove” what is already in common practice. Prof. Duane Hudson of our very own CSU Chico Kinesiology department was featured in the New York Times a few days ago. This just proves two things:

1-Occasionally the NY Times prints something that is correct. Much like monkeys at typewriters, given enough time, could reproduce to works of Shakespeare.

2-Eventually Academics “prove” what coaches, producing elite performance, have known for decades. Someday, perhaps 20 years from now, someone may prove that Crossfit “works”. Until then I guess we are just flying blind! raspberry

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  1. jim November 7, 2008 at 7:19 am

    as a martial artist who also does crossfit i was wondering what exactly the drom movements were. any help available?

    jim richard

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