Strength, Cardio, New Cycle, Oh My!

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Strength, Cardio, New Cycle, Oh My!

Strength, Cardio

Hello NorCalers!  We have a brand new 8 week cycle of programming starting today.  Many of you have missed the heavy lifting, but have no fear the barbells are here!  Here are the cliff notes for this cycle:

We are packing in a little bit more strength than usual. We will be doing a leg/arm main strength combo every day of the week. These main strength lifts will stay the same every week for this 8 week cycle. The leg exercises we will do the classic M/Th, Tu/F, W/Sa repeats, but the arm exercises will change every day of the week.

Monday-Deadlift, Bench
Tuesday- Hip Thrust, Pull-ups
Wednesday-Back Squat, Press
Thursday-Deadlift, Dips
Friday-Hip Thrust, Rope Climbs
Saturday-Back Squat, Weighted Push-ups


Not only that, but we are setting aside 5 minutes to practice handstands twice a week and including a separate Olympic weightlifting section twice a week in Intermediate to give the lifts a little more focus. We are still doing cleans and jerks in the Intermediate and Advanced classes (including Snatches in Advanced).

Some of you may be leery of Olympic weightlifting, picturing super heavy weights in singlets, wondering what the point of it all is. The point is developing power and speed to round out your strength-based athleticism. It’s not going to make you bulky, promise. Also, learning something technical is good for your brain. And if you couldn’t give a rat’s derriere about handstands, or you’re just not ready to go there, please take this part of class to work on your overhead and general shoulder mobility- ask a coach for suggestions.

Starting next week, we will be increasing the duration of the conditioning workouts on Tuesday and Fridays (35-40 minutes long).  These will be moderate paced, endurance/recovery workouts. The strength portions on these days will be shortened and some of the elements seen on these days will be rolled in to the conditioning. Running your engine at a different, less-intense speed for longer periods of time will help boost endurance and aid in recovery.

Back squat will be following a Wendler cycle, meaning it will max in the 7th week of the cycle. We will max deadlift and bench week 8. We will not max the other lifts this cycle.

We are looking forward to seeing all of your improvements going into 2017!  Let’s win together!

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  1. Alex December 13, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    What’s the recommended/designed schedule for someone going to the advanced classes 3x/week to be able to hit all three leg strength lifts based on the M/Th, Tu/F, W/Sa schedule for this cycle?

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