And for the post you have all been waiting for…..workout #1 in Saturdays Spring Team Challenge! Please remember that if you are participating you should show up at 9am on Saturday morning to warm up and strategize with your team! Workouts #2 and #3 will be announced Saturday at the event! Good Luck and bring on the Potluck!

Workout #1:       Row, Plank push up, Run/Plank

Start with the Row:  Each member must row. All the calories must be completed as a team before starting plank push ups.

Plank Push ups: All members must do at least 10 plank push ups, at the end of the push ups two members of the Team must complete a 400m run/sprint while the other 2 members remain in the plank position.

Penalty: if person holding the plank for the last part of the event touches their knee to the ground :10secs is added to the Teams time.  They will be allowed a 3 second count to return to the plank if they fail to get back up they will continue to get a penalty every 3 sec they are down.

Final Rules and details: We will go over this workout in detail at 9:30am on Saturday morning.  Good luck to you all and thanks for making this event so awesome!