This week I asked around the gym to find out if there were any recipes that folks might like to have…and what I heard were requests for things like “paleo banana bread”, or “paleo pumpkin cheese cake”.  While there are PLENTY of recipes out there that I could recommend, I DON’T WANT TO.

It reminded me of a blog I read a while back from our friends at  At some point…we all try to ‘cheat’ the paleo system.  We think that we can still make pizza, brownies, pancakes…and by simply switching around a few ingredients we are absolved from the consequences that come from eating a treat.   Too often these ‘treats’ become a staple back in our diet.  Read here to find out how Paleo-fying your junkfood is like “having sex with your pants“… less then satisfying!

And…now for this week’s recipes:

Kale with Cranberries
Everyday Paleo Enchiladas
Basic Tomato Sauce
Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup
Sunshine Sauce (peanut sauce replacement!)

And Shopping List