Seasonal Eating, Fat Gain, and The Whole Process

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Seasonal Eating, Fat Gain, and The Whole Process

Fall is officially in the air in Chico!  The mornings are cooler, it’s getting dark earlier and it’s not BLAZING hot!  YAY!!!  Another sure sign of fall is seeing pumpkins, squash and autumn hues everywhere.  Fall also means, new foods to choose from.  We always talk about the importance of eating seasonally.  It keeps variety in our diet and provides more nutrients (eating the same thing over and over you will lose out on certain nutrients).  It is cheaper because the produce is in abundance at that time (who doesn’t want to save a dime or two?).  It tastes better (ever have a strawberry out of season…enough said!).  Also, you support local famers and help save the environment (less travel time to ship food if it’s local).


With that said, have you noticed how a lot of fall veggies are more starchy?  We have pumpkins, turnips, sweet potatoes and every type of squash you could think of.  But we always talk about low carb and sticking to leafy greens…how are we supposed to do that and eat seasonally?  Mark’s Daily Apple posted this article the other day from Calton Nutrition that gives another reason as to why we should eat seasonally.  Yes, it’s better for our health…but maybe there is more.  Maybe it’s our body’s evolutionary way of regulating our body weight.  The higher starchy veggies may serve more of a purpose this time of year than we think.  Who knows???

When you read this article, please don’t think I am telling you to go eat sweet potatoes and pumpkin every meal and cut back on your exercise.  It’s just a different perspective that I found interesting.  Tell me your thoughts.

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