Sandbaggers or Incredible Progress?

Seems to be a trend starting here… exercise three days a week, clean up the nutrition… and surprise…you get results! So, with that I would like to say great job to the all of you for putting forth the effort and making your health and well-being a priority!  Take a close look at this photo we will be seeing all of these folks in elements classes starting this week!  Check out the day 1 to day 12 time changes that is awesome!  Hope you all had a good time, we did. Great job and thanks for making our job fun!




  1. Nice job.  All under 10 minutes and some of you improved by over 5 minutes!  I hope to see some new faces in Elements!!!!

  2. Great work all of you!  Welcome to the group classes!

  3. Hope to see all of you this week.  Great work to all of you.  Scott good job today in O-Lifting and elements!