Sandbaggers or Incredible Progress?

Seems to be a trend starting here… exercise three days a week, clean up the nutrition… and surprise…you get results! So, with that I would like to say great job to the all of you for putting forth the effort and making your health and well-being a priority!  Take a close look at this photo we will be seeing all of these folks in elements classes starting this week!  Check out the day 1 to day 12 time changes that is awesome!  Hope you all had a good time, we did. Great job and thanks for making our job fun!



Written by Shawn

Shawn is a family man first. His two little ones Kayden and Rylee have taught him the true meaning of success and happiness. Shawn is the Operations Manager as well as a coach at NorCal Strength and Conditioning. When Shawn took on this position he made it a top priority to surround himself with a top notch coaching staff, which he has successfully done. Shawn and the rest of the NorCal coaches continue their efforts to improve client experience and client success. Shawn has a passion for working with motivated individuals with goals. Whether you would like to achieve your first pull up or train for a sport specific event Shawn can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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  1. Christina

    Nice job.  All under 10 minutes and some of you improved by over 5 minutes!  I hope to see some new faces in Elements!!!!

  2. Great work all of you!  Welcome to the group classes!

  3. shawn g

    Hope to see all of you this week.  Great work to all of you.  Scott good job today in O-Lifting and elements!