Recipes for the Week, 12/9

We are in full tilt of the Holiday Season.  That means late nights after work trying to fit in your gift shopping, weekends filled with holiday festivities, and the office break room filled with temptation!

One strategy that I use to avoid all the tempting treats is to pick ONE treat to give in to.  Perhaps it is your Dad’s homemade egg nog, or your sister-in-law’s chocolate covered toffee.  For me, it is my Mom’s homemade popcorn balls.   As kids, we’d find these sugary filled, red and green colored spheres at the tip of our stockings (right next to the tangerines and a toothbrush!).  Though I’m known for my sweet tooth…it is more the ritual of making the popcorn balls with my mom that makes it special.  In fact, I probably eat more of the gooey popcorn from the pan while my mom diligently forms and bags the final product.  It is something I look forward to every year–and it is the one treat I give into!

Make a quick mental list of all of your favorite holiday treats.  Then choose one.  Make it a good one, because it will be the one that you think about when you are avoiding all the other tempting foods that come your way!  It helps to know you’re not completely depriving yourself–and that you’ll enjoy your treat when the time comes.

Here are this week’s recipes: (I personally can’t wait to try the Sweet Potato Gratin!)

Bacon Crusted Chicken Strips
Apple Omelet
Spiced Cauliflower
Cioppino (thanks Katie N. for contributing!)
Sweet Potato Gratin

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Written by Natalie

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  1. Your Mom sounds wonderful! Send some of those popcorn balls my way!

  2. Damn……I want one of everything on the recipe list right now!!!!!

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