Last October, I wrote a blog about “Being in the Zone.”  After Saturdays Mud Blast it made me recall the article and all the psychological things I learned when working on my masters degree at Chico State.  About half-way through the race Jerrad Fisher and I were coming up on the obstacles and I tried to completely leap over one of them catching the top of it with my trail leg.  I almost fell down, but somehow I managed to catch myself and continue moving on forward.  Before this little incident happened my mind was completely focused on just having fun in the race and not even slightly focused on competing.  But, after tripping something in my mind sparked, and competition mode was surfaced.  My mind quickly began searching and scanning for past experiences in which I had been in “Zone” mode.  From this point on my eyes were just wandering around the course and searching ahead for the next competitor to pass or obstacle to conquer.

This is something that is very common in most competitive athletes who have competed in many athletic competitions.  But, “ANYONE” can have these experiences.  It takes a little practice using the mind to search for times in your past when you felt like you were in the “Zone.”