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Active 20-30 #100 Run Spartan Sprint for Girls on the Run NS

Sacramento Spartan Sprint with Active 20-30 #100 for Girls on the Run NS trained by NorCal Strength and Conditioning. *Guest post by Emerald Carroll, Program Coordinator for Girls on the Run NS*  Wow, what a [...]

Sean Jensen, a Spartan’s Journey

Blog written by NorCalSC Chico Client:  Sean Jensen It was a comfortable 55 degrees on a beautiful Saturday morning as I accelerated a steep incline in the mountains that flank the eastern margin of Flathead [...]

Tyler P. on the San Jose Spartan Super 2017

I’ve never considered myself an athlete. I was a fat kid in high school, bullied for my size. When my friend convinced me many years ago to do a Tough Mudder race, I was immediately [...]

Does Goal Setting Really Work?

It's the beginning of 2017 and everyone has been talking about it...Goals...But...Does Goal Setting Really Work?  My initial impulse response to the question is, No, and the reasoning behind that is in my experience most [...]

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Client Testimonial: Craig Parrish

Often times I am surprised by how many folks would pick the quick fix or try to cheat the system to get fast changes in their aesthetic looks, sometimes without even considering the health implications to their longevity [...]