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Robb Wolf
Robb’s blog on Fitness and Paleo nutrition

Sarah’s blog on feeding a Paleo family

Growing Up Paleo
Chrissy’s blog on raising a Paleo family

Paleo Brands
Gourmet Paleo meals and nutrition information

Mike’s Gym
Mike’s Gym and all things Olympic weightlifting

Performance Menu Forum
Extensive forum with topics ranging from nutrition to exercise performance

Catalyst Athletics
Greg Everett’s Sunnyvale training business

Mike’s Gym
Website of internationally renowned Olympic weightlifting coach Mike Burgener

Coach Rut
The Fitness Conduit is an internet community for the students and clients of Coach Michael Rutherford

The Paleo Diet / Dr. Loren Cordain
Loren Cordain, Ph.D., is widely acknowledged as a leading expert on the natural human diet of our Stone Age ancestors.

Arthur De Vany .com
A scientist/athlete looks at fitness, sports, the movies, uncertainty, and adventure

Dan John
Dan is ranked as a Master Highland Games athlete, holds the American Record in the Weight Pent and holds numerous National Championships in weightlifting and throwing. This is his free internet coaching site.

Farm Peace Love
A fabulous place to stay if you travel to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

The Performance Menu

The Performance Menu is the internationally acclaimed nutrition and fitness journal of NorCal Strength & Conditioning and Catalyst Athletics. The journal contains features on nutrition and fitness ranging from straightforward, practical applications, to discussions of the complex biology, chemistry, and physiology underlying the practical solutions. Also included are articles and interviews with top coaches, athletes, and scientists from a range of disciplines, as well regular features such as recipes that meet the demands of performance nutrition.

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