Programming, what you need to know!

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Programming, what you need to know!

Hello NorCalers!  Mateo Cafe here!  Yep, that’s it, I am still here in some shape or fashion!  Here is the dealio with this cycle of programming starting today, 2/5/18!  We will be combining all Programs; Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.  What does this mean?  This means whatever level of program you are on is the proper progression of each movement you will use for your training.  Not interested in Barbell movements?  No problem, use Dumbbells instead which are just as effective for reaching your goals of being strong, fit, and healthy.  The coaches there will make sure you are doing the progression and movements that are always appropriate for you! 

How are we doing the strength work this cycle?  Glad you asked!  We are going to follow Wendler 5/3/1 style of strength training.  These program yields great strength results and less risk for injury doing heavy single lifts than Linear style of lifting.  In theory, you could go to the gym everyday (M-S) on this style of programming…but always listen to your body and plan accordingly!     


Back Squat/Front Squat (Your Choice)

Box Jump Variations

Core Work

HIIT Workout


Push Press/Jerk

Handstand Progressions


Long Moderate Pace Conditioning


Bench Press/Floor Press

Pull Ups/Negatives

Core Work

Sprint Work



Pistols/Single Leg Work

Long Moderate Pace Conditioning



Posterior Chain Work

Core Work

HIIT Workout


Squat/Bench/Deadlift (whichever movement you didn’t hit from the week) along with paired strength work for that given day

Long Interval Style/Long to Moderate Conditioning    

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