Post Holiday Recipes!

//Post Holiday Recipes!

Post Holiday Recipes!

After several days of heavy cooking (and eating!), sometimes it is nice to just have a few go-to meals ready for the following week.

I think everyone is familiar with the standard rotisserie chicken.  There are so many ways to make a rotisserie chicken into an amazing meal…quickly!

Check out a few of these:

Mexican Chicken Bake

Coconut Curry Chicken Soup

Chicken Tortillas

Classic Cobb Salad

As we head into a few crazy days with family and celebration….be sure to take a few minutes for yourself.  Check out this video called 23 1/2 hours…and then get moving!  Click on the picture to view.






Remember…we’re closed on Saturday 12/24 and Monday 12/26.  We’ve got a modified scheudle on Tuesday 12/27 (click here to view), and then we are back to normal on 12/28.

Happy Holidays!


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