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A little Friday fun at NorCal! Karina: can you feel the Love? Jenny talking fish recipes!
On Rampers thought bubble: why didn't Chrissy stay in Vegas? OnRamp Snatch:always a good thing. Strength Class at NorCal!
Bring out yer dead! Ball slams and DB cleans! Better than peanut butter & jelly. Katie doing the pre-game discussion for the Strength Class.
Check out the Tuesday nights dance class! Chrissy: "ok folks, this stretches your buttocks". Tabata rowing: only yeagermeister is a worse idea.
Flute activation with Chrissy. Happy happy birthday ... 19 push ups, 19 ball slams, 19 lunges, 3 rounds = 57 birthday wishes from NorCal SC! Have a great day Anne! Thrusters, push ups, ball slams. Yum.
Photos 76 - 90 out of 92 | Back to Albums