Paleo Survey

Paleo Survey

What we at Norcal have all been living for years and know to just be “normal” is becoming something huge worldwide.  Doctors, nutritionists, scientists and just the average Joe all around the globe are hearing of, learning about, and adopting “The Paleo Diet”.

In 2011, David Csonka, at Naturally Engineered, put out a survey to discover more about the demographics of modern day people choosing to adhere to a primal (Paleo) way of eating.  This year he has created another survey with the goal of continuing to learn more about the nature of the paleo movement.

Please, take a few minutes of your day to complete The 2012 Paleo Community Survey.  Upon completing the survey you will receive discounts to Paleo Magazine and US Wellness Meats, along with being put in a drawing for $50 gift certificates and more.  Your contact info won’t be used for anything except for the drawing.

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  1. Karen March 20, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Saw this yesterday and filled it out.

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