Jump Rope Skills Seminar

The words “Double Under” and “Single Under” have been making there way into the NorCal Programming more often. While some of us loathe the sight and thought of jump roping, others of us love it (a small group of us, but yes we exist). It is a skill seemingly simple…... read more

Monday Movements!!

Hello! Hopefully nobody reading this already has a case of the Mondays, but if you do, I have exactly what the doctor ordered.  In fact, you could say that I have a fever…a fever for more cowbell, er, ummm, I mean rope jumping.  Sorry, got blacked out in... read more

Kids and Teens Workshops!

Hey NorCal! Mic Check, Mic Check. I’m glad this thing is on and I have your full undivided attention. Beginning Next week we are offering new sign ups for both the Kids and Teens Workshops. Yes, thats right, We take your kids for 45 minutes to an hour and get... read more

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