New Programming Cycle

After a very successful max week a couple weeks ago, you may have noticed that last week classes were run just a bit differently than we have been the last several months.  This is number one because we’re starting a new cycle and number two because changing the... read more

New Classes and Times

Starting January 1st 2015 we will be adding two new classes.  There has been more demand for a NorCal Basics class at more booming time slots throughout the week.  If you haven’t heard of the NorCal Basics Class, click the link and read about Chrissy’s... read more

Max Week

Another cycle is coming to an end… This week is “max” or “heavy single” week! I know for some this can be a bit intimidating, but there is no reason to feel this way. This is another way to test your strength gains and in a lot of cases... read more

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