UPDATE TO CLASS NAMES The winds of change are upon us again! However, these changes are small and only in name. What this means is that if you don’t pay attention to the computer, check the schedule, or sign in to class regularly (shame on you), you will likely have... read more

Movement Monday: Muscle Up

Happy Memorial Day! This Movement Monday is all about the muscle up, the feat of strength that is a pull-up into a dip on either the rings or a pull-up bar. We get a lot of questions about how to get a muscle-up, so we put together this instructional video detailing... read more

Controlled Articular Rotations: CARs

In the past month there is a good chance you’ve been told to contract every muscle in your body and move through some range of motion you’ve never tried before. Well, You’re welcome. We’ve introduced Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs, for a number of reasons,... read more

Movement Monday: Wrist Warm Up

Hello NorCalers.  We haven’t had a Movement Monday post in awhile (stay tuned for many more to come soon as we learned a lot of great new drills/movements to help increase your ROM at the FRC Seminar), but we wanted to show everyone a great wrist warm up that... read more

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