Pain Management 101

Hello NorCalers.  Topic of today is Pain Management.  Most of us that exercise on a regular basis may experience pain before, during, and/or after exercise.  And when I speak of pain in this instance I am speaking of a searing pain or tenderness of tissue in the body... read more

Walk Woof Wag

Walk Woof Wag is a fundraiser that all started as an 8th grade leadership project at Marsh. Bryce Velasco (his mom Seana trains here at NorCal) wanted to honor his dog Jasmine and thank the Chico Animal Shelter where he got Jasmine. Bryce’s idea was to create a... read more

Tips for Mobilizing for Effectiveness

Ok guys!  We have all been victims of  mobilizing tissue with no end goal in sight or just for the sake of rolling around. For example:  A client shows up to class early and grabs a foam roller.  This person then rolls around on their back/body in various positions... read more

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