Kristine Marbach in The House!

Three years ago Kristine joined NorCal!  I had no clue she was an established athlete, nor did she make it known.  Fast forward to the first annual Fall Challenge (October 13th 2012) and we caught a glimpse of the VERY competitive Kristine on a mission.  It was a very... read more

Movement Monday: Plank Hold

Happy Movement Monday! Today I am going to talk about plank holds. What I love most about plank holds is that you can do them just about anywhere and they do not require any special equipment. When performed properly your glutes, abs and quads are all engaged.  There... read more

Photo Friday!

Hey NorCalers! We hope your week was chock-full of some great workouts, food and recovery. Enjoy a few pictures from the gym this week and share this post! Don’t forget about signing up for the Spring Challenge on April 18th- sign ups end April 3rd you can click... read more

Kale Chip Cooking Demo

Have you been to the Farmers Market lately? There is kale everywhere…well at least here in NorCal. One of my favorite things to make with kale is kale chips. Easy to make and oh so good! Best of all the whole family can participate in making this healthy snack... read more

Photo Friday

Happy Friday! We have new on ramp classes starting on Monday, March 23rd please email for more info. Oh…have you heard about Body by Nate? If not be sure to check out his awesome promo video below. We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please... read more

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