New Class: NorCal Masters

Hi Norcalers! This is Coach Michael Joe O’Leary, the newest addition to the NorCal Strength and Conditioning team. If you haven’t yet heard of me, hop on over to the coaches page and check out my bio real quick. I’m totally jazzed to join you all in July and I wanted... read more

Photo Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a great week at NorCal! There were lots of PR’s this week as clients were finding “heavy singles”. We have a new evening On Ramp starting on Monday, July 13th. You can click HERE to register or email... read more

Movement Monday!

Hey NorCalers and Interweb friends, It’s Monday and if you frequent the blog you’ve seen the trend by now- Lets break down a movement! In this week’s programming (which you can sign up for on TrainHeroic by clicking HERE) we have Man Makers. Doing... read more

Photo Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Check out some great pictures from this week. If you are interested in learning more about NorCal SC please email Have a safe and cool... read more

Nut Free Garlic Pesto Chips

Pesto and sweet potatoes…two of my favorite things. When combined it’s like tasty magic that keeps you reaching for the plate until they are gone. This pesto recipe is nut free and can be found in my book Paleo Slow Cooking. I have made these chips with... read more

Movement Monday: Ball Curls

Happy Movement Monday! This week I want to share a spicy little exercise that will wake up those hamstrings and glutes in no time. Ball Curls To perform a ball curl lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Place your legs on the medicine ball (or any ball... read more

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