Should I Quit Going Overhead?

“Should I just quit going overhead?”- a question I hear a lot from people with troubled shoulders. Ranger Danger Every once in a while, the answer is yes. If you have shoulder pain that pops up consistently when you start working overhead press and... read more

Friday Reminders and Photos

Happy Friday Friends! Hopefully you are all enjoying your summer and not letting all those fun summer activities get in the way of your health and fitness goals! Here’s a few reminders…. -For you early morning peeps, we are starting up a 5am All Levels Class on August... read more

It hurts when I do__________.

Look at yourself, your a mess!!! “IT HURTS WHEN I DO________” How may of you have said this exact sentence to a coach at the gym?  More importantly, how may of you have said that exact sentence more than once about the same nagging issue?  Ding ding ding! ... read more

New 5 AM Classes and Upcoming On Ramps

For the First Time Ever NorCal Strength and Conditioning Chico will offering 5 AM Classes!  They will start on August 16th on Tuesday and Thursday and will be an All Levels Class (each client will work the progressions of Movement that is appropriate for their fitness... read more

Suns Out Buns Out!

Suns Out Buns Out! Hey lady friends, and any guys that aren’t ashamed of their game… It’s hott out there and that is a perfect reason to upkeep those swimsuit bodies that we’re rocking this time of year.  I will be starting up a new Glutes & Core... read more

Movement Monday Challenge: Loaded Carries

In the previous 2 weeks of this cycle we’ve had our fair share of fun with the conditioning workouts and most of you understand what I mean by “fun”. As a coach, I love seeing and hearing the “I love this. I hate this” mid workout chatter and lately it’s been for good... read more

Its Friday!

Hello NorCalers!  It’s Friday, and that means photos and news! We just finished up the second week of our current strength cycle, and everyone is looking strong a capable!   Have a great weekend, sleep and recover.  We will see you all next week!  Take a... read more

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