Photo Friday

Hey NorCalers, it’s Photo Friday!   Happy Halloween and I hope you’ve all enjoyed max week! The gym was buzzing with PRs and great energy- Lets carry that into our new cycle which begins next week. Congrats to everyone who saw some progress on there... read more

Welcome Baby Vichi!

Congratulations to Thomas and Elizabeth Vichi!! If you have no idea who I am talking about…well let’s just say that they are two of NorCal’s most amazing clients! If you want to refresh your memory click HERE to read our past post on this great... read more

Movement Monday: Mastering the Pull Up

Before we get into the pull up, this week is Max Week!  It’s always exciting seeing you all crush and dominate the barbell movements and achieve new PRs.  We are hitting the tail end of our 8 week cycle and will be starting a new cycle next week.  This brings me... read more

Movement Monday: 1 1/4 Squats

Happy Monday, everybody! It’s kind of a throwback… er, Monday? Is that allowed? I’m going for it anyway! Remember those SUPER FUN 1 1/4 squats from the beginning of this cycle? We used them in intermediate and advanced classes to help out with the... read more

Movement Monday: Turkish Get-Up

Happy Monday! We have been getting lots of questions on the Turkish Get-Up recently. Please check out our instructional video on the Turkish Get-Up below. I am also adding the blog post that Joe wrote a back in August for another fine break down on this complex... read more

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