I’m not much of a talker, but nothing will get me going on a rant faster than absolutes with regards to training, and/or nutrition.

Let’s not make this a ten page diatribe, and just skip nutrition today. However, let’s go over that nasty four letter word “cardio”.

Okay, so “cardio” is actually a six letter word, but the point is, it’s still looked down upon by the more “mainstream” fitness professionals. Sure, going from couch to 5K, or  couch to marathon is still one of the most popular methods for getting “in shape”, but those of us in the industry know, that usually never works (especially in the “long run”… excuse the bad joke).

But, why all the hate for cardio? Is running a mile cardio? How about swimming a mile? Or hiking? If you look at the average time it takes for a person to run a mile, or mile and a half, it’s the same amount of time we spend on one of our typical WODs here at NorCal. Is it high intensity interval training if it uses weights? Well, what if I put on a forty pound weight vest? What if I do a set of push-ups before and after the run? You can see where I’m going with all this.

So, can’t we just get along? Properly implemented, “cardio” can be a benefit to body composition, and athletic performance. Improperly implemented it can be a detriment to health, and performance. But, so can weight lifting.

Here’s a link to a quick article discussing “cardio”, and how it doesn’t burn muscle when properly structured into a persons training routine:


Just a little food for thought as people look to better their training, and achieve their fitness goals.