Our next Norcal nutrition seminar is scheduled for Saturday, April 12th, from 12-2 PM.

The focus of this seminar will be on leaning out and maintaining it long term. Hopefully this will be really useful to all of you signed up for the lean out challenge, but it applies to any and all of us that struggle with weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss. We’ll delve into the basics of metabolism and come to understand how yo-yo-Paleo may be working against you as well as learning some useful tips on stoking your metabolic furnace to make it easier to stay lean without having to try so darn hard.

Six packs are going on sale April 12th! Buy one seminar, get a free six pack.

This seminar is open to non gym members, please click here to sign up. Norcal members receive a discounted price, please email [email protected] to be signed up at the discounted price.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop flexing now.