At NorCal Strength & Conditioning our nutritional approach is simple: we recommend eliminating highly processed, highly commercialized foods made of grains, legumes and dairy and opting instead for lean meats, seafood and fowl, seasonal vegetables, and moderate amounts of fruit, nuts and seeds. This is Paleo nutrition. We have been promoting a Paleo diet within our clientele longer than any other fitness facility. Our trainers have extensive experience helping clients navigate the transition from the standard American diet to the Paleo lifestyle. We walk the walk when it comes to Paleo.

NorCal is home of Paleo notables Robb Wolf, author of the NY Times Bestseller The Paleo Solution and Sarah Fragoso, National bestselling author of Everyday Paleo, both great resources for understanding both the nutritional science and the daily “how to” underpinnings of the Paleo lifestyle.

Here are some other great resources to jumpstart your journey:

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If you are interested in personal guidance with meal planning or specific dietary considerations check out the great team of Paleo oriented registered dieticians HERE.