Norcal Kids went great this last spring session!  This was my first time teaching this class, and it was an amazing experience.  The kids were all great and listened well!  We learned things like KB dead lift, Standing Press, Rope Climbs/Foot Clamps, Prowler Pushes, and the list goes on!  Their skill improved drastically as we worked the fundamentals and finished with some more difficult movements.

The last week of the kids classes was amazing.  I planned a two day testing event for the kids that tested them in some of the activities they had been working on throughout this training session.  I want to give a special thanks to all the kids that participated:  Grant G., Wyatt G., Luke A., Xavier G., Emily R., and Bryce V.

I know some of the kids have left for the summer, but if 4+ kids are interested in a summer session of Norcal Kids, parents please email me at [email protected].  Here is some awesome pics of the kids from this last session which includes some pictures from the last days of testing.