New Programming Cycle

New Programming Cycle

Hello NorCalers!

It’s that time again.  A cycle has ended and we have currently started a new one with some exciting twists to the programming.  Don’t want to spoil it all (based off the survey you will see some of what you all requested), but here is a general run down of what you can expect on Monday – Saturday classes:

Intermediate/Advanced Classes-


Back Squat

Pull Up progression (weighted pull up last progression)

Core Work


Standing Press

Carry Work (Atlas stone is last progression)

Snatch/Core Work



Dips (ring dip last progression)



Front Squat (Back Squat if you haven’t hit it)

Hinge Row (Legless Rope climb is last progression)

Cleans/Light Core Work


Bench Press (Standing press if you haven’t hit it)

Pinch Carry Work

Core/Hang Work (Toe to bar is last progression)


Single Leg RDLs (Deadlift is you haven’t hit it)

Support Holds (Top of Ring Support is last progression)

Barbell Bent Over Row/Gymnastic Floor work/Glute Work

Beginning Classes will still have a good mix of movements as this class we try to expose everyone to as much larger variety of exercises.  Longer conditioning workouts and interval based workouts as well.



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