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New Cycle, with a Twist!


It’s that time again- a programming cycle has ended, and a new one is hatching at this very moment. Birds are chirping, puppies are frolicking, and several pandas have just given birth to panda-unicorns. The world is our oyster!!!

Ok, ok, I’ll cut the pandacrap and get to the point.

This next cycle is going to be a little bit different from the usual. I was contemplating not saying anything and seeing how long it took you guys to notice… like the time my cat ate my parakeet- Mom says I went 2 weeks before asking what happened to the bird. But I thought it might be best to give you guys a little notice and explanation instead.

Remember that blog post a little while back, about when to max and when not to max? One part of the post briefly discussed the importance of taking a break from the maxing cycles, which is exactly what we will be doing for the next 4 weeks.

This is not going to affect our Begginning programing, since we don’t follow maxing cycles in that class.

The Intermediate and Advanced groups, however, will be taking a break from the traditional squatting, deadlifting, and pressing.

If anyone just had a pang of fear that weakness and sloth will set in, fear not! We will still be working the movements in various ways, we will just be shifting the focus towards improving speed and position with isometrics (holds), eccentric work, banded work, unilateral movements (1 side at a time), and weighted mobility. This variety should serve as a system upgrade, and enhance your lifts when we return to them. It’s not going to be a training vacation, but we will be giving your nervous systems a break from heavy loading with the intention of letting your body better adapt and recover from the last cycle, as well as trick it into working harder again with some more varied movements along a similar vein.

Similar to how we have been programming for the Intermediate class all along, the days of the week will have their movements- M/Th squat, Tu/Fr deads, We/Sa presses. If you make it in once a week, do whatever is programmed for that day, but if you happen to come twice and both times are on a deadlift day, for example, do the strength programming for a different movement. If you come three, try to hit one of each. If you come 4, stick to whatever is on that day for your 4th day. Hopefully that all makes sense- if not, ask a coach for guidance.

See you all in the gym!


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