New Class Times and Dates to Know

As you all know by now we have some new class times and great events coming your way!  Lets start off with next week.  Starting Monday 8/13 all morning Low Intensity classes will be held at 9am Monday through Saturday.  We have also added a 10am Mobility class that will run Monday and Wednesday from 10-11am.   Both of these are effective as of Monday August 13th.  Which leads me to the following weekend, August 18th.  We will be holding a all levels “MAX” day!  This will start at 9am and run till 11am (in theory). :-)  The lifts will go as follows;

1. Dead lift- 9-9:40am

2. Press- 9:40-10:20am

3. Squat- 10:20-11am

Please feel free to come on in to get an idea of where you are in regards to your lifts.  I like to look at this as “finding a heavy single.”  As always it will be fun and you will have coaches and other Norcal folks here to cheer you on.  Every Norcal member is welcome and encouraged to come out on Saturday August 18th.  Hope to see you all there!  Here are a few picks from last weeks “PR’s!”


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Written by Shawn

Shawn Gower is the Operations Manager at NorCal Strength and Conditioning. Shawn draws upon his experience as a State level wrestler and lifelong athlete when constructing programming, be it for his popular group fitness classes or personal training. Shawn works with a wide variety of clients, however his passion is the training of competitive athletes, especially from combative disciplines such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and boxing. If you are looking for fast paced training and exacting attention to detail you will love your experience working with Shawn.

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  1. Jenny

    There will still be regular classes on the 18th as well if you’re not interested in doing the “max” day. It’s going to be an exciting day at the gym that morning! :)

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