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So the question I am posing to all of you is why do you work out together, & what do you get from it?

I have a few of theories of my own…

Comradery! For instance: there is an awesome bond that takes place while suffering. Seeing your partner suffer just a little bit is good for us. It lets us know how tough they really are and it gives us some insight to how bad we want them to succeed. It may also give you some sort of satisfaction to see your significant other suffering due to a lovers’ quarrel that particular day. (We are merely human)

Being able to talk about something you have in common is great. You can run home jumping up and down screeching about your new FRAN time and not get a right hook in the kisser for them thinking FRAN is an actual woman. Celebrating some small successes in the gym can go a long way outside the gym. When you talk about the WOD for the day your other half will #1- know what you are talking about and #2- completely understands the misery that comes with let’s say…….. burpees. 

Respect for their abilities in the gym, or the effort that they put forth in order to reach a goal. This is a huge one for me. I have learned Lani is not one to give up. He has so much discipline when it comes to repetitive practicing, and he is super strong willed when it comes to diet. He helps keep me on track!

And the last few I can think of come down to having fun together. Enjoying a bit of friendly competition is always healthy too.  Just hang around O-lifting to catch a glimpse of Fish and Katie battling out who can snatch more weight. The other is, loving the fact that your partner respects themselves enough to take care of their body. A lot of couples get into the bad thinking of; “I’m comfortable and my husband/ wife loves me no matter what size I am!” This may be true, and I hope so, but the fact of the matter is that caring enough about your partner/lover means doing regular body maintenance to stay attracted to one-another. Just ask Cassie why she joined our gym!