Starting next week…every Monday (9:00 am) and Tuesday (4:30 pm)…until September 11th, I will be “running” a temporary class in preparation for the upcoming Mud Run!!!

Are you signed up to do the Mud Run?  If so…this class is for you…(literally this is the purpose of this temporary class).  If not…this class is for you (it will make you want to do the Mud Run or make you a better runner or just give you a little variety in your routine for a few weeks)

We will be focusing on running mechanics, pacing and getting a few more strides under our belt before we go dominate the Mud Run.  We may even get wild and crazy and throw a few obstacles in there…yee haw!

If you are interested in this class, please respond to this post with either Monday or Tuesday so I have an idea of how many people to expect in each class.  See you there with your running shoes on…BRING WATER BOTTLES!!!!

To sign up for the September 15th Mud Blast click here and select Team NorCal.