Monday Motivation

“Growth is in discomfort.

So, tomorrow, like today was, is a new day, with new opportunities for growth. Growth is unlimited. The limits that exist are put there by us because growth is also scary. Growth is uncomfortable. Comfort is for timid creatures. Comfort is for those experiencing neither pleasure nor pain, choosing to bask in mediocrity, instead of risking it all to be something more. The path to something more is long and arduous. It’s riddled with things and people looking to divert you from the path, tempting you to take the easy way.

Getting anywhere will always be easy. Getting somewhere is hard. So you can live with discipline or you can die with regret, because tomorrow’s also just another day. Just another day…unless you make it something more.

But don’t heed seemingly powerful voices. Voices fade. Voices wither in the presence of actions. Actions have power. That power is within you. Everyday we begin making choices from the moment we awaken. Why did you wake up today? Everyday we pick our fights. What are you fighting for today? Everyday is filled with the inevitability of new challenges, new problems, and new adversities. What will problem will you solve today? Yesterday is gone, as are the successes and failures of yesterday…and don’t bother asking “what next?” ask “what now?”

This moment is yours, but it’ll soon be gone. Embrace the discomfort. Embrace the growth. Embrace this moment. Pick your fights and own this day.”

- Ryan Hoover
Krav Maga Blackbelt

Written by Justin

Justin Scott was Southern born, East Coast bred, and Midwest educated. The only constant being a love of athletic, martial arts, and competition. While earning a Bachelor and Masters degree from Purdue University he competed as an amateur boxer, endurance athlete, and trained Krav Maga (an Israeli self-defense system). These activities led to coaching a variety of athletes in everything from combative sports to endurance events. As a Krav Maga instructor Justin has had the opportunity to train not only civilians, but military, law enforcement and first responders on how to appropriately react during violent and life threatening situations. Due to his diverse experiences, Justin is able to bring a unique understanding of people, goal setting, achievement, and motivation to his coaching. He knows achieving one's goals in health and fitness can be difficult, but believes anything is possible with the right resources, programming, and motivation. With an eclectic background and rich steeping in fitness and nutrition Justin is able to coach a variety of clients with phenomenal results. "I find each individual comes to me with their own strengths and weaknesses, goals and aspirations, and perceptions of their ability to achieve them. I live for these moments when I see a client do something they never thought they could, or achieve a goal they always wanted to." Justin is a Certified Crossfit Endurance Coach, Phase B Certified Krav Maga Instructor, and Phase B Certified Fit-To-Fight Instructor.

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  1. This is great, I’m printing it out. There’s an extra “will” in the “What problem will you solve today?” sentence though.

  2. Jennifer Wraith


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