Meat Galore!

//Meat Galore!

Meat Galore!

Just because you don’t have the room for an extra freezer (or enough mouths to feed), doesn’t mean you have to give up eating quality meat! Karina and Lani actually turned me on to this local gem when I was house sitting for them and had free range of their kitchen.  It’s a local butcher shop called Chico Locker and Sausage Company. They have been a tradition in Chico for over 30 years.  They have a variety of animals and cuts to choose from:  thick sliced bacon, ground buffalo, tri tip and chicken sausage…just to name a few.  Chico Locker is located right off of Park ave. on 196 E. 14th street. (Right before Park splits off to Main and Broadway heading downtown.) I would recommend getting the chicken sausage, and making it into a sweet potato Chicken sausage scramble….delicious! Check Karina’s blog post for the recipe.


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  1. Christina July 14, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    You’re the 3rd person who has mentioned that place.  I think I’m now obligated to go check it out and see what goodies they have.

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