Max week in Strength Class!

This week we will be maxing in Strength Class. As a reminder, on Tuesday we will be maxing on the back squat, hang power clean and the weighted bar dip. On Thursday it will be the dead lift, the press and the weighted chin-up.
Michele started max week early, and hit a back squat PR of 165lbs, a press PR of 92lbs and even crushed a 37lb chin-up! Check out her back squat photo below☺ Nice work Michele! Way to start off max week!

Good Luck Strength Athletes!!


  1. I will just mention that Michele is also a badass, hence the PRs in class. Nice work! And get you some Strength Class!

  2. Way to go!!

  3. Great job Sis! you are awesome.

  4. Way to go Michele! You train smart and look at your great results!